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Montenegro, The Place Where Big Dreams Come True

Posted by Montenegro on 15 April 2019
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Montenegro, a small country in Southeast Europe, is a developing luxury place.

The country recently launched a program that allows foreigners to obtain a Montenegro passport if they invest in the country.
According to the latest report published by Business Insider and luxury travel agency Original Travel, Montenegro was chosen as one of the most important places where the billionaires traveled in 2019.

Montenegro has become an attractive country for yacht owners as well as investors thanks to Porto Montenegro, which can accommodate 450 superyachts and include luxury shopping and restaurants. Montenegro is especially the paradise of yacht lovers. Porto Montenegro, a newly built marina in Tivat, is a popular port for yachts and has become a luxury destination.

Guests staying in Porto Montenegro, investors and residents can get a free 24-hour shuttle service, stay in luxury hotels such as Regent Porto Montenegro and the island of Sveti Stefan, and enjoy the benefits of private Clubs and Yacht Clubs.

Montenegro, a Balkan country in the Adriatic Sea, is known as the “next French Riviera” due to its picturesque coastline, luxury hotels and its popularity among yacht owners and travelers. Therefore, it has begun to develop rapidly both in tourism and economic terms. In particular, foreign investors have become increasingly interested in Montenegro after the country joined NATO in 2017.

The real estate prices of Montenegro are still low compared to Monaco and the French Riviera. Compared to these countries, you can buy a three-bedroom luxury apartment with a terrace overlooking the sea or a four-bedroom three-storey house in Budva, for example.


The country also has the tourism industry based on 2007-2020 Tourism Masterplan which aims to develop high-end hotels, golf courses and other luxury facilities to attract rich tourists and is supported by the government. This offers an excellent investment opportunity for both individual and professional investors in Montenegro. With the new flights to Montenegro from European countries such as Ryanair, Brussels, Milan, Barcelona, London, Oslo and Stockholm, foreign ownership demand is expected to increase in the coming years.

The political, economic, financial and social conditions in Montenegro in recent years allow significant developments and investments in the country. Particularly large tourist and residential projects are currently located on the coast of Montenegro, Tivat, Kotor, the Lustica peninsula and Budva or in the central and northern parts of the country.

The picturesque Bay of Kotor is a particularly attractive spot for foreign home buyers with stunning cliffs and sparkling blue waters. The fascinating ancient city of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is very popular with locals and tourists alike. Kotor’s Old Town is a labyrinth of cobbled streets, churches and café-filled squares.

If you’re looking for your dream home or investment property, Montenegro is definitely one of the best and affordable places in Europe.

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