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Why Adriatic Heights?

Perfect location in between the country's most attractive investment and touristic regions in addition to being 2 km away from Tivat Airport

Attractive prices starting at € 52,500

A brand new life awaits, surrounded by the wonders of nature. Offering European and global holiday home buyers/property investors attractive opportunities within Montenegro! Offering different types of luxurious and comfortable apartments with unparalelled panoramic views of the Adriatic. An excellent location close to tourism centers, airports, beaches and marinas.

Professional and Effective Rental Management

Montenegro and Adriatic Heights offers to its investors capital return in between 10-13 years via professional rental management, provided by professional staff of Adriatic Heights with their ‘’LAHP’’ Luxury Apartments Holiday Package concepts. Furthermore, property owners can choose to rent their accommodations through our professional systems, where we have already secured rental agreements with many agencies from the UK, Russia, Germany, Israel, The USA and more.

Investment for the Future

Tourism development continues to rise, and Montenegro is now recognised as one of the most attractive, newly discovered and emerging tourism destinations in the world. The buying and registering of property are easy & foreign investors and Montenegrin citizens are treated equally. Montenegro also has a double taxation agreement with up to 34 countries, including Turkey and offers no capital limits.

European Union Candidate Status

Montenegro’s EU Membership is now at advanced candidate status, looking set to gain full status by 2025, whilst its tourism growth is ranked in the top 5 tourist destinations globally. So Montenegro shows its ease to gain more investors by providing acceptable tax rates, residency & working permission. As such, Montenegro is an emerging real estate development hotspot.

Life in The Adriatic

A place in the sun is guaranteed here, with around 240 sunny days every year, reaching a balmy 28°C in the months of July and August. Whilst many will enjoy the developments amenities, including the communal swimming pool, others will want to explore the meandering shoreline of sandy beaches, secluded bays and coves, whilst searching for their own little piece of paradise. Adriatic Heights mountainous position also offers nature lovers a land of majestic extremes, with its lofty plateaus, deep gorges, river canyons and glacial lakes. Montenegro of course has a long and colourful history, offering a rich tapestry of tradition, myth and ancient archaeology.

Panoramic Adriatic View

Shall we talk about your future lifestyle?

You can contact us by filling out the form below.